Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How You Can Help Lost and Needy Animals


We're sure sorry we didn't get this post to you last week when the Home Again Web Site was supporting the American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Week® by donating $1 for every pet that was registered to the program, but that sure doesn't mean that isn't a site worth visiting.

The site was created as a a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals.

There are things that you can do to "be kind to animals", including your pet not only on a week set aside to focus on the subject, but every day of every week:

  • Make sure your pets are properly identified with something that will last, that will not get lost, and is easy to read.

  • With hot months coming to parts of the US where seasons change, PLEASE DO NOT leave your pet out in the car with windows closed.  This is a thought that gives my owner and I nightmares!

  • If you leave your dog out for long periods of time in warm weather, make sure they have a shady spot to rest...and not just an enclosed doghouse, they can get warm inside if they are in direct sun, but if it's not terribly hot, are better than nothing.  If it's very hot, keep you pet inside where it's cool...treat them like you'd treat yourself.

  • Also, if outside provide water to drink during the day.

  • PLEASE make sure that your pets are protected from fleas and ticks.

You can find many things to help you protect and care for your pet at and when you purchase, you are benefiting animals in need, animals that are living in shelters waiting for someone to bring them home and give them love.  It doesn't cost you anything extra with your purchase to provide food and medical care to needy animals.

Did you know that has helped recover more than 500,000 lost pets? They provide a pet-recovery service that goes beyond microchipping, which, by the way, is an excellent way to protect your pet from getting lost.  For a reasonable yearly fee, you have access to pet-recovery specialists and emergency medical assistance 24/7...the program also includes up to $3,000 (- $50 deductible) in medical insurance for lost pets, and more.

Please do visit my sponsors site for so many more wonderful details!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Attended My First Twitter #pawpawty

Today when my owner was on her twitter account, we noticed that #pawpawty was in the list of trending topics (visit the twitter link to learn more about twitter if you're clueless) and so she decided to let me twitter.  We do that a lot lately.  She changes her picture to mine, and I tell her what to type for me.  Today I'll be taking over for the day since it's a monthly "PawPawty" day.

This is a special day that takes place once a month, here is the information that someone shared on explaining the event:
So far, these fund raising virtual parties have raised more than $5,000 for organizations such as The Humane Society, Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles and Orphans of the Storm in Illinois. The next pawpawty is scheduled for May 2-3 to benefit the Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

For each pawparty, a theme is chosen and "party-goers" are encouraged to change their Twitter default pictures to something theme-related (see the slideshow below for some cute examples). Prizes are given away for various contests such as trivia and scavenger hunts – all the while people are encouraged to donate even just $1 to the featured charity.

Who can attend the #pawpawty?

The pawpawties are open to anyone with an interest in raising money and getting the word out to friends about the fund raising efforts. Many of the party-goers are animals, or people who tweet as their pets. There are thousands of Twitter Critters online, ranging from dogs and cats to hamsters, gerbils and even a moose!

It is not necessary to be an "animal" to attend these virtual fundraisers, however. Everyone is welcome – the more attendees, the more opportunity to raise as much money as possible for animal charities.

If you decide to join in, be sure to follow us and say hi, I share my owner's account and we trade off regularly -  And if you click on this #pawpawty link, you'll be taken just to the search results for pawpawty, and see only the "tweets" related to the event. See you there, I hope!