Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Chow Chow Puppies and Dogs

One of my neighbors has a Chow-Chow, a beautiful fluffy dog that you want to run to and pet because it looks so soft and love-able. However, when my owner attempted to do so, she was warned by the owner that her Chow-Chow was very protective and would attack if we were to get near, so, we have had to enjoy the only Chow-Chow we know from a distance.

This doesn't mean that all Chow-Chows have bad temperaments, in fact, if we search for information on the temperament of a Chow-Chow, we find results that span from saying they are wonderful with children, to being aggressive, especially when protecting their home and family. I will leave it to the reader to do further research on that, and choose their pet wisely.

We tend to think, and hope that it is true, that a pet will be only as good as the owner that raised it...if you are kind and gentle yet disciplined in raising your dog from a puppy, then your dog will grow up to be the same. If you do not raise your dog from a puppy, but acquire it from a shelter, then you should go to a shelter where they take time to learn the personality of the dog before placing it in a home, or bring it into your home only if there is no risk of harming home or members of the family. These are things that seem obvious, but sometimes one is taken in by the cuteness (just look at the puppy cute!) of the beautiful Chow Chow dog or puppy, and they don't think about how the dogs personality and habits might affect the home.

If you would like further, more detailed information about this breed, be sure to take a look at wiki Chow-Chow information.  To view the Chow Chow breed standards set by the American Kennel Club, visit this link.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dog Mouth is Cleaner than a Human's

At least I'd like to think so, as a dog. But whether a dogs mouth is cleaner than a human mouth is not something my owners can agree we're going to do a little research, and use a lot of common sense.

First, we naturally clean everything you can think of from ourselves, and from everywhere...if you know what I mean...everywhere. We lick our feet after we've been outdoors to clean off whatever might be on them, we lick our private parts....because we don't know how to use toilet paper, we eat yucky things off the floor, I even knock over my owner's size 13 shoes when he gets home from work to sniff...and sometimes lick them...then we jump up and love to give you kisses...right on the lips.

I have overheard discussions that my owners have had on the subject, one says that maybe we have some super anti-bacterial properties on our tongues and in our mouths that instantly kill any bacteria on, that just isn't true. We do lick our wounds and can heal our own selves, and there may be some good things on our saliva, but our mouths and the hair around our mouths are full of bacteria. Unlike humans, we do not get sick from e-coli bacteria like you do, for obvious reasons...we're designed by God to clean ourselves and not get sick from it.

After reading all that, do you still think a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans? Let us know!