Friday, March 29, 2013

Being an Aunt to 2 Dachshunds

Do you see this little Dachshund puppy? [Typed for Aspen by her owner.] One of the people who used to live here, and went away and got married, came to visit a while back. I was really excited because I miss Heather, but guess what, when she and her husband walked in the door, they were holding this. The little puppy in the picture.

First, this is my "turf" so I wasn't at all excited about having another little dog come and visit, second, Heather now has another dog in her life...first a man comes along and marries her so she doesn't live here anymore, then they decide to get this little dog. Yes, I'm jealous.

I heard Heather trying to figure out how I was related to the dog...she said that I was her sister. I can't understand that one since I'm a dog and she's a human, but I guess it's because I'm like one of the owner's children. (Humans really do think strangely). So she figures that I'm her dogs Aunt.

Since then, they have adopted another dog, and they have two cats as well.  It's taken time, but I've gotten used to the whole idea.

P.S.  If you want to know where they got this puppy, I can ask, the breeders have a nice website.

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Updated 2/28/17

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloody Diarrhea in Yorkies and Small Dogs

This isn't a pleasant post, but maybe it will help you if you have a Yorkie or other small dog that gets diarrhea, or bloody diarrhea.  It might help you if you have a big dog, too, but it's more of an emergency with small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers because we lose our fluids quickly and can become dehydrated and go into don't get scared if you're reading this and your dog is sick right now, read on, most of the time things will be okay.  First I'll tell my story, and what the vet did, then I'll give some tips to help until you can get to the vet....but get to the vet you must, if you're having symptoms like I did.

This happened a few years ago.  I didn't feel good, and had bloody diarrhea...I've had it before just a little bit, but never have been real sick with it.  My owners didn't know what to do because it was time to go to bed when I got really sick, but I settled down a little bit.  Then they got up with me at about 1:30 in the morning, and I was sick again.  Then by morning, I was panting, and trembling, and passing blood, bright red blood, more than we had seen before.  Of course they called the vet right away, and took me in to get checked.

The vet took a stool specimen, and it is getting sent in to see if I have parasites or other things that might have caused this.  She took my temperature rectally, then she felt all around my abdomen, I guess to see if there were any swellings or lumps.  Then they took me and injected a water-electrolyte solution under my skin that made kind of a big soft mushy bump on me, so my body would be able to absorb some fluids.  Since my intestines were so inflamed, even when I drank water,  and it was good that I was, it is hard to know how well he body can absorb the fluids.  Then she told us to buy, the following:

  • An antibiotic - Metronidazole 100 mg suspension, and said I had to take 1/2 ml. 2x a day....we bought that from the vet.

  • Pepcid AC 10 mg....have to take 1/4 a tablet once a day...we got that at the store

  • id canned cat food, yes, I said CAT food, esp. good for intestinal problems....bought that from the vet, and guess what, I loved it.

  • Gerber Baby Rice flakes or boiled white rice (not quick rice), we got the flakes, and mix them in with the food.

  • Pedialite - we kind of think that might have been a waste of money, but we are mixing a little bit in with the food and rice...I won't drink it alone....that's to help replace fluids and electrolytes lost.

It wasn't long after I got the antibiotic, and ate some of that yummy food that I started to feel much better, and by evening, I felt good enough to beg all evening for my snack...the owners wouldn't give me my favorite snack tonight, because they can only give me boiled chicken, which they did, and the food from the vet...but I begged anyway, worth a try, right?  And I felt good enough to beg for my old stuffed bunny to be thrown a few times. So unless we hear something different from the vet when they get the results of my fecal tests, I think we're all set.

(NOTE: - After you read this post, you may want to click here and read the post just before it as it gives more detailed description of the remedy above.  At that time, which was a year later, I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, and we now are quite sure that was my weakness all along, as we've had no trouble with this since we started being careful about what I eat.)

Oh, I forgot to mention that my owner is going to sprinkle just a little acidophilus in my food to help get good bacteria into my system between times that she gives me the antibiotics, and after.

The Pepcid AC will be a good thing to have around in case this happens again and we can't get to the vet on time.  And we've read that Pepto Bismol can help, but my owner feels funny about that one because she thinks it has aspirin in it, which thins blood and increases bleeding.  We have to ask the vet about that one.  Now, if you missed the post before this one, please go read it.  It describes what happened a year after the above.

Updated 2/28/17 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Yorkshire Terrier had Pancreatitis

As a Yorkie, I can tell you having Pancreatitis is not hurts...I had a bad case of it in 2010.  This can be a condition that seems like other health problems, and requires a visit to your Veterinarian and a careful description of the symptoms.  I recovered, and didn't have any recurrences in the 3 years since. 

Here is what happened to me, I am hoping that it will help other Yorkie friends out there.

I started getting (sorry, this is yucky) diarrhea a lot easier than I used to, and we thought it was triggered by certain foods.  My owner did all kinds of things to take things out of my diet, and carefully add new things, very gradually, that's what you have to do when you're changing foods with a Yorkie, or any dog.

One day, I got really bad symptoms, and we went to the Vet.  We've done that before, but this time, they did a blood test for Pancreatitis, and I came up as having it.  There are really no medications for this, but they did treat it in almost the same way as they did when I had bloody diarrhea in 2009...since that post was lost during a transfer of this blog, we are going to update and re-post it for you tomorrow.

Here's some things my owner did wrong (I forgive her) and what the doctor had us do:

  • My owner gave me Chicken Livers the night before, you would think that wouldn't bother me as liver is a very popular treat, but it's very rich and high in cholesterol.  When I was younger, I could handle more foods than I can now or could when this happened.

  • The next day I had VERY yellow diarrhea, and was throwing up, also yellow, and walked around with my back kind of hunched and head down because it hurt inside. So we made an appointment with the important if you think something serious is wrong.

  • The vet gave me subcutaneous (I think that's the word) fluids, they put a lot of water just under my skin with a needle to help with dehydration since....

  • I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything for 24 hours!!!  But it wasn't that bad, I wasn't feeling well at all so not very hungry, and if I did eat was in pain.

  • I was given 1/4 of a 10mg Pepcid A/C tablet on an empty stomach in the afternoon a 1/2-1 hours before when I would have had my dinner, then every 24 hours for a week before my evening meal. The veterinarian had us add another week on because I still wasn't quite right after a week. After finding that to be a battle (I hate taking pills), and after I had started eating again, my owner added it to just a tiny bit of chicken breast so I wouldn't notice it, or so she thought, and that made it easier for me to swallow.  Then I got the rest of my meal a little bit later.

  • I had to eat several small meals a day of white rice (or Gerber's baby flaked rice...just about a tablespoon mixed in with the cut up chicken with a little water added) and chicken breast, morning, mid morning, noon, mid afternoon, and dinner time, about 2 tablespoons of food each time until I got better.

I finally did get better, then there was the quest to find the right food for me, which we did by trial and error.  I seem to do best with chicken and rice foods, beef doesn't agree with me at all.

If you are dealing with Pancreatitis with your dog, we wish your dog a speedy recovery. 

Updated 2/28/17

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

I am a dog that DOES NOT like to travel in the car.  I get very nervous, and my owners want to help me with that problem.  

First, we found some excellent travel tips in a post called "Let's Hit the Road" at the "Adventures of Traveling Bob" blog/website.  Bob is a dog who gives great tips on how to be prepared to travel with a dog, and great places to stay if you are traveling with a dog.  Not every hotel or motel is happy to have dogs, so you need advice like Bob has to offer.

As for my nerves, we are trying some Bach Flower Remedy drops to see if they will help.  I'm an older dog now, and my owners don't want to stress me too much, so we're going to try some short rides with the drops, stop at places that are fun, and then come home...I think they are doing this because I'm afraid I'm going to the vet or groomer every time we're in the car.  (They think I don't understand them when they're talking...but I do!) We'll let you know how it goes.