Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping for Dogs and Yorkies

I'm a Yorkie and I open my own Christmas presents! My owners think it's pretty entertaining watching me shake and tear at my gifts, and they laugh. I love to hear them laugh, and love presents.

My owner and I put together some pages that we think you might like if you shop for dogs, especially small dogs.

Here are a few for dogs:

Small Gifts for Small Dogs

My Small Dog Mall

And here are some for people who love yorkies:

Yorkie Pictures, Art Prints and Photos

Yorkie Holiday Ornaments

Best Grooming Sets for Dogs

How to Groom a Yorkie

Gifts for People who Love Dogs and Dogs

Plush Yorkies for Children and Grownups Who Love Yorkies

Here is one of the pictures of me shaking one of my presents, so it's a little blurry...but it was fun!

We hope you are enjoying the Holiday season>:-b<

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yorkie Chases New Jersey Bears

Okay, now that I have your attention, yes, I did chase a bear this summer, and I'm alive to tell you about it.  The only problem is that we can't really PROVE it because my owners were in such a panic there was no way they were going to grab a camera to take pictures.

Here's how it happened.  One morning, bright and early, we went outside for my usual time of wandering around the yard, chasing a squirrel or cat, and taking care of other business dogs take care of first thing in the morning.  My owner's son heard a sound just around at the side of the house...and so did I.  He ran to go look...and so did I.  Up in the tree near where we usually have the bird feeder hanging (bears LOVE bird seed) there was a medium sized bear, and I ran for it, barking, which scared it down from the tree and then it ran up to the road and across...I ran right behind, very close, with my owner screaming and running after me yelling -  "ASPEN, STOP! STOP!".  I did stop at the end of the yard, and was feeling pretty proud of my accomplishment!  But since, I keep hearing the owners tell my story and say "all that bear had to do was turn around and take one swipe and Aspen would have been a goner".  And now, they are overly cautious when they take me out, which I don't like, but they say it will keep me alive.

There have been a LOT of bears on our property this year.  Here's one picture of a bear about the same size as the one that I chased, going in the same direction, so you get an idea of what happened...this one is moving slowly, though, it's hot, and her cubs were following along behind here, they are in other pictures at Daily Photos by Claudia (she tries to do them daily, but is a little behind:-)

Mom Walking Thru our Yard

Please read copyright information at Daily Photos by Claudia, this isn't the best picture because we enlarged it, but it's okay to use as long as it's not changed and credit is given to my owner.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Housebreaking a Dog - Indoors or Out?

Housebreaking me was a challenge for my owners, I am not an easy breed to train...but when I learn something, I really learn it. Even though I wasn't the easiest housebreaking puppy, I do something that a lot of other dogs don't...I'll "go" on command, but it took a long time for us to learn this (my owners and I) together.

Since we didn't have an indoor dog potty, the owners used what they called "wee-wee pads" for a while that were scented in a way that was supposed to make me use the pad...or so they thought. I think the thing that confused me the most was that we didn't do the same thing every time...it was always something different.

First they are trying to get me to go outside, then inside on pads, then outside again. When they were training me either there weren't dog potties, or we didn't know about a dog potty that could be used inside as part of my training.

My owners think that because I'm small, and as long as I go where I'm trained to inside, it's not a bad thing, and they think that for people with small dogs that live in apartments, or in the city, an indoor dog potty may make life easier for all involved, and could be used all the time if it's something that's easy to clean.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I Love Aspen

I'm writing as myself today...not for Aspen...but about her.  She has been such a wonderful companion for over 11 years now, and is beginning to show her age.  She recently seems to have difficulty seeing, and other signs that remind me that I need to give her extra loving for all that she has given to me.

She isn't as lively as she used to be, because it is hard for her to see...I just took her out for a walk, and not that far ahead of us was a cat...usually she would have gone crazy with barking and excitement, it took her a while to even notice the cat.

She sleeps more, and is always happy to have a belly rub, a back massage, and her treats, they are a special delight...something my husband gives her each night after we have dinner.

Here are just a few of the pleasures Aspen gives us:

Unconditional love, and devotion.

All that loving is healthy for you, yes, petting your dog, having their companionship, can help calm you...stroking their fur is good for them and good for you...Aspen loves to snuggle and loves her tummy rubs.

Aspen is great company when no one else is around...of course she likes all of us to be there...we are her "pack" after all.

Aspen listens to everything we say, as if she understands...and I think she does understand...a lot more than we may give her credit for. When everyone is out during the day, she is always there with a listening ear.

Aspen gets me outdoors to walk on days when I may want to just stay inside. I love walking, but some days just don't feel like making the effort, her companionship makes it more enjoyable. We both get some exercise when we walk.

Aspen makes me feel safe when my husband has to travel, which is rare, but happens occasionally. She will bark if she hears ANYTHING, and this brings a sense of security...no barking, all is well.

I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental today, realizing that she's an older girl now, and more delicate than she used to be. Just hope I can give her all she deserves for the joy that she has given us over the years since that March day when I watched her birth.

Love your dogs, treat them like part of the family, that's what they are.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do You Have a Heart for Wild Animals?

We have a lot of wild animals around here, just today my owners and I were out on the deck watching a pair of beavers as they seem to be starting to build a den off our property in the lake. It's interesting to watch, the very first time in 26 years of living here that my owners have seen beavers in our lake.

Then there are the raccoons. They are having their babies now, and are very noisy at night when the babies are being raised. There are also bears around here now, so my owners have to be careful about letting me out at night.

The raccoons like to knock over our garbage cans, so do the bears, and sometimes it's tempting to want to trap the raccoons, but I think you'd be surprised to hear what animals are giving us the most trouble right now....they are Ferrel cats. There are at least 6 of them hanging around. Our animal control in Town makes us catch them and then they will take them, so we need to use a Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap to capture them, if they will go into the trap. The only other animals that are sometimes a problem, especially when we start to hear them chewing on the wood of our house like they are trying to get in, are the squirrels, this is when a Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap is a handy thing to have around.

We hope we won't have to use any traps, but if we need to find information and help in knowing what to do, we can visit Animal Trapping Tips and read their helpful ideas.

We love animals, and don't want them to be harmed, even if they are a pain sometimes...and I sure do love barking at them, and chasing squirrels whenever I get the chance.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Woodstream. All opinions are 100% mine...and I love this product so much I'd have written this, sponsored or not.

Updated 11/7/13

There Were Other Pets Before Me

I am not the only pet my owners have had...they've had gerbils, ferrets, a cat, box turtles, and other animals while their children were growing up.  One of those "other animals" was pet hamsters.  So this week, when my owner took part in a challenge on Squidoo about pets, she didn't pick me to talk about, but teddy bear hamsters.

She even said that she'd like to get another one...now that is something she's going to have to think about a bit, because it comes natural to us Yorkies to want to catch mice, and hamsters are in the rodent family.

If you want to see what she wrote, visit Cute Fuzzy Teddy Bear Hamsters.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Opened My Own Store

With a little help from my owner, I've opened a little store so you can shop for things JUST for your Yorkie or Yorkies, or things for Yorkshire Terriers and other small dogs.  You'll find just about anything you need and more, even things that you can give to people who love yorkies.

Right now we have the following departments:

It was a lot of fun putting the store together, and we hope you'll visit by clicking here, or the link to the right of this post in the margin.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Time for my Spring Grooming

The weather has been warm, and I've been hot with all the hair that I have that kept me warm during the winter, so it's time to be groomed...my owner does the grooming herself, and does a pretty good job....I don't like it very much, but feel a lot better when she's done.

If you want to know how to groom your dog, we recommend that you visit the banner below this post with the cute picture of the Yorkshire Terrier on it about grooming, and visit some of our other pages about grooming by clicking on the "grooming" category in the list in the right margin.

We hope you are looking forward to getting outdoors with your dogs now that the warmer weather is coming to colder parts of the country.  Don't forget to get us ready for fleas and ticks, too...we have a category about that in the list to the right too.

Happy Spring to you all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pets Dying from Flea and Tick Products

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is putting restrictions on certain flea and tick products because of illnesses and deaths that have resulted from using them.  Among the things that happened to pets were seizures, serious skin reactions, deaths and more.  Here is a bullet-point list of some key facts we heard in a news report today:

  • 44,000 adverse reactions attributed to collars and topical preparations

  • 600 of these reactions lead to death

  • Affects cats more than dogs, small dogs more than big

  • EPA wants clearer labeling

  • Want owners to read instructions carefully, many reactions are due to owner's carelessness, for example putting dosages meant for large dogs on small dogs, or not putting where you should on the pets body.

  • When using a topical application, check the area after you apply, skin reaction can appear like a chemical burn which can become infected.

  • Why aren't they taking the products off the market? Because it's even riskier if pets get fleas or ticks to both pets and humans

Click here for the EPA news release for more information.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mousing, My Favorite Past-time

I thought I'd just write a fun post about something I like to do for a change...and that would be spending time in the kitchen... LOTS of time... looking in the kitchen cabinet, watching for mice.  Mice have come and literally stolen food out of my food dish right in front of me then run under the oven so I can't get them, so I've started taking matters into my own paws, and insist that my owners leave the door open all night long.

In fact, they were feeling sorry for me because I'd lay on the very cold floor (they keep it cold around here) and so now they even park my bed in front of the cabinet before they go to bed.  I'd like to think it's because they are being nice, but have a feeling it's because they know I'll have a barking fit if they don't, works every time>:-)<

Unfortunately, since I've started doing this, we haven't had any mice, guess that means I'm doing a good job, but to tell the truth, it's no fun if there isn't a mouse every now and then.  Okay, here I go, back to my post at the cabinet again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Search and Rescue Dogs Headed for Haiti

We are not happy to hear about all that the people and animals of Haiti are going through right now, but are happy to hear about how many people and animals are going to Haiti to do their part to help. We found this video about Search and Rescue dogs from New York who will be going to Haiti to help.

We also found the American Rescue Dog Association. They don't say much about Haiti there yet, but it is the central organization in the US for dogs that do a great work to help people.

My owner also did two sites, one is Natural Disaster Relief, What Can I Do? and the other was put together so many can help, RocketMoms Help for Haiti.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine Gifts for Yorkies and People

My owner and I had a lot of fun putting together a page on Squidoo with nice gift ideas for people who love yorkies, and yorkies too!

We didn't realize that there were so many cute things for both yorkies and the owners of Yorkies, and invite you to stop by and visit our page, Yorkie Valentine Gifts | Gifts for People | Gifts for Yorkies.