About Aspen the Yorkie

This is Aspen, a Yorkie, or if you want to be formal, you would call her a Yorkshire Terrier.

But really she was just a cute fluffy small dog that lived with a great family that loved her.

Aspen was born in March of 1999, and was a much loved member of our family for 14 years, until August of 2013.

Though this site is named after Aspen, it is about more than just Yorkies. It is a general pet and animal care site, though dogs do dominate most of the posts.

After 2 years, we welcomed a new dog that needed a home into the family, a Pomeranian. You can "meet" Happy by visiting the post "Pomeranian Rescue Brings Happiness After Loss".

I hope you love your dog, whether it be small or large, as much as we loved Aspen, and now Happy. Enjoy your visit.

Updated 9/23/16

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