Dogs and Worms

Here is an article about common remedies used for worming dogs. We have never had to use any dog worm remedies, maybe because we stay close to home and keep close watch on our dogs to make sure that they don't eat anything except the food that is given to them. For those of you dealing with worms, we hope this article will be helpful.

Does My Dog Have Worms?

By: Marjory Ramsay

There is really not much you can do to prevent your dog or puppy catching worms but a planned and regular approach to the use of worming treatments will quickly resolve any problems that arise. Worms and their treatment are simply something that all dog owners need to be aware of. There is no need to panic about it but they do need to be taken seriously.

Worms are parasites that live inside your dog s intestine and they feed off the dog causing it to eventually become unwell if not treated. All dogs are vulnerable to worms from puppies right through to the oldest family pet so it s important to keep on top of the situation.

Because worms live inside the gut it is often very difficult to detect that your dog might have a problem. Worms can go unnoticed for many months. Symptoms that you might see on the outside are a dull and lifeless coat, swelling of the dog s tummy, vomiting or diarrhoea. Rarely you might catch sight of tapeworms in your dogs pooh but this is not common and not seeing them does not mean they are not there.

Most worm types that infect dogs can cause serious ill health if left untreated so it s important to act in advance and on a regular basis. Some tapeworms can grow to fifteen feet in lengthy and if that makes you squirm just imagine how your dog feels with it inside. Even more important is the fact that some dog worms can spread to humans with children and old people at special risk.

Your vet or even your local supermarket will sell dog worming tablets.

The commonest worming treatment (at the time this article was written, and maybe still) is called Drontal. It contains praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate and is very effective. Drontal Plus (for dogs) and Drontal Cat Tablets will eliminate all of the species of intestinal worms commonly found in these animals. Drontal Puppy Suspension is available for use in puppies and young dogs, up to 1 year old.

Drontal will control roundworms, whip-worms and hookworms, and is available as an easy to use liquid. Most puppies should not need to be treated for tapeworms, making Drontal Puppy Suspension a very suitable choice. Should a puppy or dog need treatment for tapeworms, Droncit Injection and Tablets are licensed for use in both dogs and cats. In addition, the new formulation, Droncit Spot on, is available as an easy to use spot on treatment for cats

Sometimes if problems persist you might need to consult with your vet about a more specific treatment program for your dog or your puppy.

You should aim to treat your dog at least every three months. Always wash your hands before eating if you have been touching your pets and always dispose of your dogs mess in a responsible way.

Take worms seriously both for your sake and your dogs! 

Updated 10/14/15

Author Resource:-> Marjory Ramsay is a dog breeder in Scotland. She has long experience with teaching people how to choose a puppy and in helping you settle your new puppy into its home. The link to the site she had associated with this article is no longer available. Perhaps one day she will find us and provide us with a new link.

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