Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop Your Begging Dog

I'm not very excited about my owner sharing this article with you, I'm the "queen" of begging, and she says she thinks she's guilty of thinking my begging is may be too late for me (I hope) but not for your dog.  Enjoy the article and let us know if it helps.

Your Dog’s Behavior:

Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Beg For Food & Attention

By: Kelly Marshall

Unless they are trained not to do so, most dogs will form the habit of begging for attention and food. Some dog owners actually allow this behavior and think it s cute…not. Many people get extremely annoyed very quickly when their dog begins to beg every time he wants love, attention, and especially when he smells something delicious coming from your kitchen.

What is wrong with a begging dog?

Everything! Begging is another form of demanding and it gives your dog an aspect of control within the family pack . I describe a family as a pack because that is exactly how your dog sees it. While it may seem cute when Rex rolls over on his back expecting a belly rub every time you enter the room, or just sits all teary eyed staring straight at your hero sandwich when you re eating during the Super Bowl game, this behavior has the possibility to gain momentum and become hostile.

Just how hostile can a dog actually become?

If you do not think that your dog could ever actually bite your hand because he expects you to give him a fun snack every time he begs, think again. For years a friend of mine would hand feed his dog pieces of food at any time of the day he was eating. If it were breakfast, his dog would get a two pieces of toast. At lunch time my friend would hand feed his dog a few bites of his Rueben sandwich. The same went for super.

Months later, his dog matured and grew larger, and my friend did not realize that he was reinforcing a dominant leadership role into his dog every time he gave in to begging. Once he decided to alter this behavior with his dog, he learned very fast just how dangerous the situation was. At one of his meals, my friend refused to feed his dog anything and the begging and crying turned into hostile barking. Then without suddenly his dog jumped up onto his plate and snapped at his cheeseburger, taking a little bit of my friend’s finger along with it.

Begging can be eliminated with proper training

The example of my friend may seem a bit extreme and you still probably could never imagine you re cute dog biting you in the attempt to get a meal that he was wanting. This can develop into a real problem and you must start early in your dog’s life with instilling the rules when it comes to begging.

During meal time, you need to train your dog to sit and stay in a separate area when the family is eating food. This may take some time but eventually he will remain in a sit position until after your dinner is over and then of course you should praise his actions by offering him up a delicious meal that he can eat in his “own” food bowl, and only after everybody else is finished eating their meal.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've Been Lazy Lately, But I'm Back

Actually, I'm being owner has been lazy, she's the one that does my typing for me, and she's been busy doing other things.  It has been hard enough to get her to take me for my walks, give me my snacks and give me my "tummy rubs" lately, and getting her to type for me has been impossible.

Oh don't worry, she hasn't totally ignored me.  The weather is nice now, and sometimes she just wants to be outside, so we've been taking walks more.  Other times she lets me run around the yard while she watches, because she knows I'll sneak next door or run out in the road if I see a cat or something fun to chase.  We have bears around here, too, so she does have to keep a close eye on me just because she loves me.

But we've missed blogging together, so will try to do better, and hope you are having a good summer so far.