Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cops Make "Kissy Faces" At This Friend

I have another friend to introduce you too, and from this picture, I'd say this is one lucky dog! I mean look at her, she can lounge in the grass...I can't do that 'cause I have allergies to flea bites, even if they just hop on and give me one little bite, and that happens even if I have my Frontline on. Kelly is 12 1/2 years old, and is part Yellow Labrador Retriever and part something else, maybe terrier.

Her full name is Kelle Belle, and her owner, Debra Shiveley Welch said saying her name is kinda' like singing "Wooly Booley", my owner laughed, but I was a little confused? After all, my owner is a LOT older than I am...oh, I'm not supposed to say that!  But she remembered a song and started to sing it.  Very strange human behavior.

kelle belle the dog

I guess you're wondering about the "Cops" thing. My owner said Cops are Police men and women. They ride around in cars that have sirens and flashy lights sometimes.  They are there to protect humans from danger, but she said that once in a while, VERY rarely (ha!) one pulls up behind her and she has to pull the car over and show the police person some little papers in her wallet.  Then he gives her something called a ticket.

But for Wooly Booley, I mean Kelly Belle, that doesn't happen. When they are driving behind her owners car, they think she's so cute they make kissy faces at her, I bet that has saved Debra LOTS of tickets! I'll have to try that sometime, because even though I don't know what a ticket is, it sounds like something bad.

I'm happy to have another new friend! She takes good care of Debra's son, Chris, too. Oh, did I tell you that Debra and her son are both authors? You'll have to visit Debra's website!

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