Friday, June 20, 2008

Snack Time Yorkie Pictures

Hi people, it's me, Aspen the Yorkie, with pictures of myself waiting for my snack. I LOVE snack time, it's my favorite time of the day!

Here's a (blurry!) picture of me waiting while my snack is being broken into tiny pieces, I know, you're wondering why they have to break my snacks in tiny pieces. I guess I'm kind of strange, but I don't like chewing or gnawing on things. I've been given every kind of chew thing you can think of, and I don't like them. What things do you dogs out there like to chew on?

Yorkie waiting for snack

And finally, here's me eating, I'm so happy!! I love my snacks.

Yorkie eating snack

My owner may try making some snacks sometime, I hope I like them!

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