Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scottish Terrier Barney, the White House Dog

After doing a post about something Barney did that wasn't very nice, I decided I should follow up with something nice, because after all, Barney is a cute dog, and a lot of fun.  My owner is of Scottish heritage, I always wonder why she has me, a Yorkshire Terrier instead of a Scottish Terrier, but am happy she does.

Anyway, back to Barney, early on in President Bush's presidency, before people and press decided to go negative, Barney's Christmas videos were popular.  I think they are still very good.  I hope to post a few of them here for you, as we remember that this is going to be Barney's last Christmas in the White House.

First, a link to the OFFICIAL Barney page at whitehouse.gov.

And here's a few videos for you from years gone by:

Well there you are, hope you enjoy...and don't be fooled by "Barney Cam" videos that aren't the official "Barney Cams", or any websites other than whitehouse.ORG, please!

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