Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things Dogs Should Never Eat

My owner visits a network of other humans that like to talk about all kinds of things.  The other day a woman named Kimberlee Leonard started a discussion with a story about her dog, Chewie, and from the story you can learn a valuable lesson about what dogs should and should not eat.  Here is some of what she shared:

Being a dog owner my entire life and having Chewie for nearly 14 years, I thought I had been through most anything regarding dogs....

Over the years I have learned onions can cause issues with their white blood cell count, grapes and raisins in small quantities can cause renal failure, and chocolate is fine for my PMS but
 will create a heart issue since doggies have no sweat glands.

Today was something that scared me and I wanted to share it because for the strange reason I had never heard of this issue - bones.

Sure, I'm well aware of the chicken and turkey bone issues. Don't do it! I have pried many a bone found at a park walk out of Chewie's death gripping jaws. Yes, Mommy always wins! But my dog has always had steak bones in our house and I never even gave other bones a thought. So yesterday my neighbor asked if my dog would like a ham bone. I don't eat ham, thus don't cook it and thought nothing of it.

As always, Chewie devoured the thing in minutes. She of course had the "bone poop" a chalkier version of the norm. Only after was I talking to my mom who said, "uh aren't those bad for dogs?" Well this morning Chewie had blood in her stool, threw up several shards and more blood later. So I took her to the Vet. While x-rays show she is fine: I learned not only does pork bones shard like chicken (but doesn't taste like it), the saltiness of pork can cause acute pancreatis of which Chewie is also in the clear.

Yes, she will live to never eat another bone so help me God (and thank you thank you thank you God for that!)!!! But I did want to share this since we sometime miss the little things and if it can save one dog's life, then this thread is worth it!

BTW- in looking things up on the internet there was one odd solution that my vet confirmed had worked and was published in a vet journal, though she would NOT recommend it as a first line of care: the home cure - take a cotton ball (real cotton ball, not puffs) and soak it in half and half. Give dog to eat (1 per 10 pounds of dog)... cotton will absorb shard and dog will pass it safely. This was published as working with a fish hook stuck in a dogs esophagus (difficult place to perform surgery) as confirmed by my vet.

And don't forget the post about pet safety during the holidays, it also lists foods and things to avoid.

Thanks for reading!

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