Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Dog Neighbors Were Lost in a Fire

Last night was a sad night in our neighborhood.  It all started just after it got dark, we saw flashing lights, and looked out the window.  Across the street there was a police car and some smoke.  Before we knew it there were fire trucks and fire men all over.  No one was home...except the dogs, one a large labrador retreiver and the other a sweet grey pit bull that we've been watching grow up for the past few months. 

The neighbors that owned the dogs were out at the time, and drove in behind a fire engine knowing that someones house was on fire, but didn't know it was theirs.  A neighbor stopped their car before it got up the street to warn them that it was their home.

It was so sad to watch the mother, daughter and her boyfriend as they wanted so much to get into the house to get the dogs, the firemen had to hold them back, and they just hugged and cried.  Moments later the house burst into flames that lept up into the trees, and the firemen had to get the fire under control.  It was a small cabin, so the damage was extensive.

Sadly, the two precious dogs were found later in the evening during the cleanup.  We heard that the firemen said that they were able to find the source of the fire because the young dog's little body was faced right towards it.  Oh, it hurts to even tell the story, we are all so very sad about the whole thing, even though we're happy that no people were in the house.

Neighbors have been giving and helping all day, and there is a little cross with flowers for both of the dogs out in front of the house, that is now all boarded up, no one can live in it now.

I don't know that there is anything that anyone could have done to save the dogs or prevent this, it was just one of those things, and we are all mourning the loss, but no one more than the young woman and her boyfriend who were always out in the yard with their dog, training it and playing with it.

So give your dogs and extra hug tonight, and think about how safe your home is when you leave your dog alone in the house.

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