Friday, December 4, 2009

Dog Care During Winter and Christmas

I've left my owner inside typing (lucky owner) while I'm outside barking because we hear guns going off in the's hunting season!  We feel sorry for the deer and other animals that are being hunted, which is kind of strange, because both my owner and I like eating meat. 

It made me think of pet safety...around here small dogs have to be careful not only of hunters if we decide to wander off in the woods, but also of bears in the summer, and other animals....even dogs....that are bigger than us.

We have done some posts in the past about pet safety in the winter and during the holidays, and thought we'd give you links to them to save my owner a little typing...the information is important and the same whether it was typed in 2008 or now:

Pet Safety During the Holidays

Keeping Outdoor Dogs Warm

Shopping for Dog Christmas Gifts

We'll be back to add more links, I know we have some, we just have to find them.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and wishing you a happy Christmas season!

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