Thursday, March 1, 2012

Android and iPhone App to Manage Pet Care

Managing the health needs of a dog or cat can be challenging, but a new App that we just learned about will help to make this so much easier. It's called the Purina Pet Health App. This app is available for those with Android and iPhone operating systems on their phone or device.

Are your pet's medical records nothing more than a bundle of receipts and papers? You can enter and store important medical information for each of your pets and keep it handy for future veterinary visits and easy reference. Are you so busy that you often forget to set up, or get to, appointments for your pet? You can use the App to set up reminders for your groomer or veterinary appointments.

Do you travel with your pet? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had an emergency on the road and wanted to locate the nearest animal hospital or veterinarian? This app will find the closest facility should an emergency arise while you are on the road with your pet. Here is an image of the first "page" of the app. It will give you only a small idea of the power of this tool:


If this pet care App sounds like something that would make life easier for you and your pet, you can click and download here. My owner has Android on her's not a phone, so we're off to see if there is an Android version of the Purina Pet Health App that is compatible with her's a lot of work keeping up with the health and wellness of an aging Yorkie.

11/7/13 Update - We had to say a very tearful goodbye to Aspen in August of this year.  She is missed more than words can express, and her blog will continue as a tribute to her sweet life and the joy she brought to us for 14+ years.  I was with her the moment she was born, and with her the moment we said farewell.

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