Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cute Yorkie with Rose for Valentines Day

This post was formerly a stop in a Red Flower Blog Hop, and I couldn't resist this cute Yorkie with a Red Rose - adorable, isn't it?

Even though it's Valentines Day today, and it has been a beautiful day, I am a bit heart sick because of the fact that so many posts on this blog are unreachable right now because of moving the blog.  I used an app to transfer from Wordpress to Blogger, and the transfer went fine, or so I thought.  I can see the problem posts in my list of posts for editing, etc., but when I click "view", I get an error page. This isn't true of every post, but enough that I know that I'm disappointing many visitors.

I have reverted all of the problem posts to drafts and will repair and republish each one over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, the posts that you CAN see are under the "Archives" in the right margin.  You have to open the month, etc., to see the post titles.

I am sincerely sorry about this, it has happened to every blog I've moved, but this one in particular gets many visits and has more posts than the rest that are not presently visible.

They'll all be back soon, and soon the search engines will catch on to the changes in the urls.

So you see, I'm not so very savvy when it comes to transferring blogs, and do appreciate your patience. 

Now, back to happiness, happy Valentines Day from Aspen and her family!

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