Friday, March 29, 2013

Being an Aunt to 2 Dachshunds

Do you see this little Dachshund puppy? [Typed for Aspen by her owner.] One of the people who used to live here, and went away and got married, came to visit a while back. I was really excited because I miss Heather, but guess what, when she and her husband walked in the door, they were holding this. The little puppy in the picture.

First, this is my "turf" so I wasn't at all excited about having another little dog come and visit, second, Heather now has another dog in her life...first a man comes along and marries her so she doesn't live here anymore, then they decide to get this little dog. Yes, I'm jealous.

I heard Heather trying to figure out how I was related to the dog...she said that I was her sister. I can't understand that one since I'm a dog and she's a human, but I guess it's because I'm like one of the owner's children. (Humans really do think strangely). So she figures that I'm her dogs Aunt.

Since then, they have adopted another dog, and they have two cats as well.  It's taken time, but I've gotten used to the whole idea.

P.S.  If you want to know where they got this puppy, I can ask, the breeders have a nice website.

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