Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

I am a dog that DOES NOT like to travel in the car.  I get very nervous, and my owners want to help me with that problem.  

First, we found some excellent travel tips in a post called "Let's Hit the Road" at the "Adventures of Traveling Bob" blog/website.  Bob is a dog who gives great tips on how to be prepared to travel with a dog, and great places to stay if you are traveling with a dog.  Not every hotel or motel is happy to have dogs, so you need advice like Bob has to offer.

As for my nerves, we are trying some Bach Flower Remedy drops to see if they will help.  I'm an older dog now, and my owners don't want to stress me too much, so we're going to try some short rides with the drops, stop at places that are fun, and then come home...I think they are doing this because I'm afraid I'm going to the vet or groomer every time we're in the car.  (They think I don't understand them when they're talking...but I do!) We'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Aspen, Bob and I are glad you found his travel tips useful. We both hope the drops help so you can enjoy all the fun places we have traveled to. Thanks for sharing our blog in your post.

    1. So good of you to stop by, it's been a while. Aspen is resting a lot lately, as she is now an old gal, she has her good days and days when she just wants to sleep...this is one of those sleepy days. We're treasuring each day we have with the little sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. Claudia & Aspen