Friday, January 17, 2014

Is Your Dog Showing Symptoms of an Ear Infection?

Dogs get many of the same ailments that humans do, including ear infections.  A dog will not be able to tell you that he/she has an ear infection, so if they exhibit signs of discomfort, such as pawing gently at the ear, snapping at you when usually even tempered, and not wanting to do the usual things they enjoy, you may need to take them to the vet for an evaluation. 

If you visit this link to an article about dog ear infections, you'll find some helpful information, you'll also find it listed under "pages" to the right. If you have any comments to make, come back here after you read the article, I don't think there's a place to make comments on the pages.

We hope that your dog is being kept warm during the cold months if you are living in a cold climate like we are.  There have been some extra cold days this year.

Updated 2/27/17 


  1. Our puppies, bless their hearts, really are at a disadvantage. They have to depend on us to be able to know what and why something is hurting them. Thank you for the great suggestion and the reminder to pay attention to changes in behavior or signs of discomfort.

  2. Yes, they do, we have to be intuitive and be able to read our pets, and know when to seek help for them. You are welcome, glad it helped a bi.

  3. Treating ear infections in dogs right away is a must - and treating them naturally is the way to go if possible because you can avoid chemicals and man made pharmaceuticals that can actually cause harm to sensitive ears. I know this because my dog suffered for many years and his ears were damaged by the prescriptions given him by the vet. Now I use Dr Dogs Ear Oil (found it on Amazon and at - and it is taking good care of his ears and keeping the dog ear problems away. Too bad though because he doesn't hear anymore because of those ear problems - avoid that yourselves and try natural first or be sure beyond doubt of what you are getting and putting in those ears.
    Thanks for letting people know the signs to look for and that they have to do something for the dogs ears right away.