Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Finding Pet Friendly Beach Vacation RV or Rental Specials

We love the beach and just returned from a long weekend close to the Jersey shore (see picture taken by my hubby). 
We traveled with our Pomeranian, Happy. She is a good traveler and quiet when she should be so we aren't concerned about her disturbing other guests in rentals or hotels. 

We travel with an RV, and find that most RV parks that allow pets require that you:
  • Have written proof that Rabies vaccinations are up to date 
  • That your dog not bark and be kept on leash
  • That you clean up after your dog
  • That the dog cannot be left in the RV when you are out and about (some allow this, but most don't....you may find places that offer pet sitting at a reasonable price.)   

When it comes to pet friend lodging, the biggest concern that many have in my opinion is cleanliness. We recently stayed at a moderately priced hotel and found a few black dog hairs embedded in the underside of the bed spread...this was disgusting to us even though we are dog owners and live in a home that has pet hair here and their from our own dog. So you will want to read reviews when you visit sites or read advertisements about pet friendly hotels and motels.

You can visit this link which provides GOOGLE search results for pet friend hotels to get you started. One thing that we have found is that many people like to travel with their pets, and if you do find a place that you enjoy, you will meet many friendly pet owners and pets along the way. 

We were apprehensive when we took our first trip with the dog in the RV, not knowing what to expect. Granted we can't run into the fine restaurants for meals, and have to adjust to having the dog. We found outdoor eateries that allowed your dog to sleep underfoot, and opted to eat many of our meals at the RV which in many ways was more relaxing than having to figure out where to eat next.

If you have any favorite pet friendly travel destinations that you have found to be to your liking, please let us know in a comment.

Updated 2/27/17

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