Sunday, February 22, 2009

Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with a dog can be challenging, that is why some people like to put their dogs in kennels when they go away.  I used to like to travel with my owners when I was younger. They have a dog carrier that they can put me in to carry me around, a lot like a big pocket book, which is something that is pretty popular in "the City".

One of the big challenges is finding hotels that will let you have your pet with you when you travel.  We thought we'd take a look and see what we could find in New York, so went to, then we went down and "clicked" on the "New York" link in the box. A long list of hotels in New York appeared, and under the name of each, there is a link that says "Hotel Features". When you click on it there is a list of features, including "pets allowed", if the words have a line through them, then pets are not allowed.

For example, we went to the very first hotel listed, Excelsior Hotel New York, and pets were not allowed, but we saw a few that did allow pets. You can sort the list by price, but be careful of the less expensive ones, make sure they have good reviews. I am not as good at traveling as my friend at Travels with Bob who talks about staying at The Comfort Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas, but it's good to know that there's a place like to search for hotels that will let you bring your pets.

Maybe I'll have some more travel tips for you soon, you can also "click" on the "Yorkie Travel" or "Travels" category and see what comes up!

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