Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

I know I get stressed out sometimes. There are some things that really make me nervous, let me tell you about a few:

  • When my owners are upset or nervous about something, I feel nervous too, because I can sense what they are feeling

  • I get nervous when I go on trips in the car because I'm afraid my owner is taking me to the groomer

  • Thunder...actually I get more mad at thunder than afraid of it, when it thunders, I bark a lot, and sit close to my owner to protect her because she is afraid of it.

  • I hate being left all alone at the house, and even though one of my owners doesn't work, sometimes I'm alone for long periods of time, that makes me so nervous that I can't eat.

So what do you do about a nervous dog?  You can ask your veterinarian about medications that might be helpful, or if you want to try something natural, we use a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy. My owner says this is a Bach Flower homeopathic remedy that people use specially formulated for pets.

My owner likes to put on nice peaceful and soothing music just for pets, it helps a lot.

What does your owner do to help you when you're feeling stressed? Maybe you can let us know in a comment.

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