Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mousing, My Favorite Past-time

I thought I'd just write a fun post about something I like to do for a change...and that would be spending time in the kitchen... LOTS of time... looking in the kitchen cabinet, watching for mice.  Mice have come and literally stolen food out of my food dish right in front of me then run under the oven so I can't get them, so I've started taking matters into my own paws, and insist that my owners leave the door open all night long.

In fact, they were feeling sorry for me because I'd lay on the very cold floor (they keep it cold around here) and so now they even park my bed in front of the cabinet before they go to bed.  I'd like to think it's because they are being nice, but have a feeling it's because they know I'll have a barking fit if they don't, works every time>:-)<

Unfortunately, since I've started doing this, we haven't had any mice, guess that means I'm doing a good job, but to tell the truth, it's no fun if there isn't a mouse every now and then.  Okay, here I go, back to my post at the cabinet again!

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