Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pets Dying from Flea and Tick Products

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is putting restrictions on certain flea and tick products because of illnesses and deaths that have resulted from using them.  Among the things that happened to pets were seizures, serious skin reactions, deaths and more.  Here is a bullet-point list of some key facts we heard in a news report today:

  • 44,000 adverse reactions attributed to collars and topical preparations

  • 600 of these reactions lead to death

  • Affects cats more than dogs, small dogs more than big

  • EPA wants clearer labeling

  • Want owners to read instructions carefully, many reactions are due to owner's carelessness, for example putting dosages meant for large dogs on small dogs, or not putting where you should on the pets body.

  • When using a topical application, check the area after you apply, skin reaction can appear like a chemical burn which can become infected.

  • Why aren't they taking the products off the market? Because it's even riskier if pets get fleas or ticks to both pets and humans

Click here for the EPA news release for more information.

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