Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I Love Aspen

I'm writing as myself today...not for Aspen...but about her.  She has been such a wonderful companion for over 11 years now, and is beginning to show her age.  She recently seems to have difficulty seeing, and other signs that remind me that I need to give her extra loving for all that she has given to me.

She isn't as lively as she used to be, because it is hard for her to see...I just took her out for a walk, and not that far ahead of us was a cat...usually she would have gone crazy with barking and excitement, it took her a while to even notice the cat.

She sleeps more, and is always happy to have a belly rub, a back massage, and her treats, they are a special delight...something my husband gives her each night after we have dinner.

Here are just a few of the pleasures Aspen gives us:

Unconditional love, and devotion.

All that loving is healthy for you, yes, petting your dog, having their companionship, can help calm you...stroking their fur is good for them and good for you...Aspen loves to snuggle and loves her tummy rubs.

Aspen is great company when no one else is around...of course she likes all of us to be there...we are her "pack" after all.

Aspen listens to everything we say, as if she understands...and I think she does understand...a lot more than we may give her credit for. When everyone is out during the day, she is always there with a listening ear.

Aspen gets me outdoors to walk on days when I may want to just stay inside. I love walking, but some days just don't feel like making the effort, her companionship makes it more enjoyable. We both get some exercise when we walk.

Aspen makes me feel safe when my husband has to travel, which is rare, but happens occasionally. She will bark if she hears ANYTHING, and this brings a sense of security...no barking, all is well.

I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental today, realizing that she's an older girl now, and more delicate than she used to be. Just hope I can give her all she deserves for the joy that she has given us over the years since that March day when I watched her birth.

Love your dogs, treat them like part of the family, that's what they are.

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