Monday, January 10, 2011

Antifreeze Can Kill a Dog

A few weeks ago it was time to check the cars to see if they had enough antifreeze in them. This is something that people put in cars so that the liquid that circulates around the engine doesn't freeze.

It's great for cars, but terrible for dogs like me. I heard that about 3 Tablespoons could be enough to kill a 20 lb. dog, imagine what it could do to a little 7 lb. dog like me! It has a sweet taste, so we are tempted to lick it....that includes licking it off our paws if our owners don't keep us from stepping in it. Then we get very very sick and if it's too much, may become so sick that we die.

It attacks our nervous systems and kidneys, and we act like we're drunk within 1/2 hours to up to 12 hours depending upon how much we get into our systems. If we don't get treated in 3-8 hours, it may be fatal.

We just wanted to share that today since it's the time of the year, especially around here, when everyone is making sure that they have enough antifreeze in their cars, and if they put it into their cars themselves, there's just a chance of it spilling on the ground, and a dog finding it or walking in it and then licking either the puddle of it or licking it off their feet.

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