Saturday, September 24, 2011

Expressing Dog Anal Glands

We learned the hard way about impacted anal glands and how to express them.  I got sick during our own natural disaster, Hurricane Irene, and my owners were doing their best to keep up with flooding issues and me not feeling well at the same time.

I couldn't tell them that it wasn't just the Pancreatitis that I'd had before...but something more.  At first it seemed like I was doing better when they started treating me for the Pancreatitis, but then one Saturday I was miserable and in pain.  These are the things I did to try to let my owners know what was wrong, and some things that they should have picked up if they weren't so distracted by the weather, power failure, etc.:

  • I scooted around dragging my bottom on the floor, they just thought it was itchy, but it was more than that

  • I licked myself a lot trying to clean my anal area, which made me feel sick..and icky thing to have to do

  • I didn't have an appetite.

  • I skulked around the house with my head down, flopping down wherever I felt like it.

  • My belly felt bloated and distended, and felt hot, I was feverish

Finally my owner looked online, and through searching for different things about dogs anal glands, she found that they can need what they call "expressing" and if they aren't cleaned, they can get impacted.  She realized I had all the symptoms she was reading about, and tried to find a video on how to express the anal glands.  There were a few, but this is one that you can see really well, and of a small dog, so it was most helpful:

BUT, my owner couldn't do this, and decided to take me to the vet (finally) after the weekend. The vet said that because I had diarrhea, maybe from stress related to the storm, he wanted to hydrate me so gave me fluids under the skin. Also told my owner to continue to treat me for the Pancreatitis, and then he expressed the glands. He said that they were very full and that what they contained was thick, so hard to express.

I came home and now it's over a week later, and I'm better almost right away after that, and now my owner will know the signs and symptoms that show the anal glands need to be expressed.

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