Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do Dogs Know What You're Feeling?

Either dogs can sense what you are feeling or they are able to read body language.  I know when my owner is feeling blue, and sometimes I want to comfort her by sitting close to her.  I don't think there is anything mystical about it, it's just the way the person looks or acts that makes us aware of their emotions.  I know my owner doesn't like thunder storms, neither do I, but as soon as there is thunder, I sit up against her...she knows I'm not afraid because I would be trembling if I was.  Whenever there is a clap of thunder, I bark at it, not because it is thundering, but at it, because I want it to go away so my owner is more peaceful.

It goes the other way too, when I am afraid, I tremble.  When dogs are not feeling well...we tend to want to go somewhere and be alone.  We have feelings and tend to show them more than some animals...at least I think we do.  So pay attention to us and do your best to read us...we need your help and comfort sometimes, too.

You can click this article about Dogs and Human Emotions if you like, the writer feels a bit different than I do about the whole thing, but I am "just" a dog, after all.

What about you?  Does your dog sense your fears and other emotions?

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