Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is Your Dog Afraid of July 4th Fireworks or Thunder?

Every year on July 4th, my owners sit outside on the deck watching all the fireworks that are set off around the lake.   It's also the time of the year when we have thunderstorms.  Though many dogs are afraid of fireworks and thunder, I'm not one of them.  I just bark to protect one of my owners who is more afraid of the noise than I am.

But I know some of my dog friends are very afraid of thunder and fireworks.  Maybe if it is hot where you are, you can close the windows and put on the air conditioning and play some classical music, it is supposed to be soothing to us dogs.  I'm not promising it will work, but it might help depending upon how sensitive your dog is.

Another thing you can do is try a natural remedy that calms nerves.  We have a Bach Flower Remedy around the house that is similar to one called Rescue Remedy. People have used Rescue Remedy for years, but now there is one specifically designed for pets. 

To give your pet the remedy, follow the instructions on the bottle, which means putting a certain number of drops in your pet's mouth or perhaps in our water.  We like putting it directly in the mouth as it starts working right away, and when you are afraid, you aren't really thinking much about eating or drinking.

We hope that this will help you a bit in dealing with a pet that is afraid of thunder and fireworks.

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