Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yorkie Good Hair Day vs Bad Hair Day

Yorkshire Terriers are a breed of dog that need regular grooming, as do all dogs who have hair that grows like human hair.  I used to take Aspen to the groomer when she was younger, but later started to groom her myself to save money.

I do a pretty good job, but it's never quite as clean as the groomer.  Here's an example...morning hair needs combing in this picture:

If you look at Aspen's picture up at the top of this blog in the header, you will see what she looked like when first home from the groomer where she got her summer puppy cut.  This picture was taken quite a few years ago, when she still had more of a rusty color to her hair...with age that faded a bit, but she still looked beautiful.

If you want to learn how to groom at home, there are tutorials at popular video sites like YouTube.

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Updated 2/27/17

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