Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Greyhounds Need Our Help

There are several animals of different kinds that are looked at as a source of income by people that are so inclined.  Among those animals are the gentle Greyhounds.  For many many years they have been used for dog races, and provide a source of income much like race horses do, through viewing the races and betting.  It's sad what many of these dogs experience, but there are also people doing good things to help animals that many feel are abused this way.

We have people in our Town who adopt rescued Greyhounds.  I met a couple of very nice Greyhounds when I was at an appointment at our local veterinarians office. They very fine featured dogs with very strong hind-quarter muscles which is why they are fast, and used for racing.  They are so gentle that it's sad to think that they are used this way.  Let's get the following sad video over with, then we can move on to the good things people are doing:

Greyhounds, or dogs that look like them have been found as part of the artwork on Egyptian tombs over 2000 BC (before Christ). They were developed for hunting in more recent history. They make wonderful, gentle, loving house pets.

If you think you'd like to learn more about how to help Greyhounds, or would like to adopt one, there are many websites that help, Adopt a Greyhoud is just one that will lead to other helpful sites.  You will also find many sites if you simply insert "Adopt a Greyhound" into your Google search engine.

Updated 2/27/17

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