Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Said Goodbye to our Beloved Yorkie

This blog has, for the most part, been written from Aspen, a Yorkshire Terrier's point of view.  Today, I, her owner, am broken hearted as we have finally had to say goodbye to her sweet self.

Aspen, as you know if you have followed this blog, had Cruciate Ligament Tear in both her hind legs, but got around quite well for a year with pain medicine and a Glucosamine product.  She also was going blind and had dry eye syndrome, so her eyes were tended to with cleaning and drops daily.

We have watched her declining bit by bit, and told ourselves (my husband and I) that we would keep her alive as long as she was happy and not suffering.  Yesterday she had a difficult day, and today, she was unable to do anything, just lay trembling.

So we made the painful decision to take her and have her put to rest.  I have cried almost continuously since.  We brought her home and buried her with her favorite toy, the only one that she would play with for the 14 years of her life.

And now I grieve.  She was a precious and sweet dog that brought us nothing but joy during her life.  Her portrait picture is in the header of this blog, and there are other pictures of her on this blog.  In time, the blog will go on, just as she would have wanted.


  1. I grieve along side of you. We lost Snack, our precious Yorkie friend for 15 years 8/17.

    Dave W blue.roads at yahoo

  2. Dave, thank you for your comment. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, you know how I feel then. Coming back to manage this blog and post is difficult now.