Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Have Owned Many Guinea Pigs

My love for guinea pigs goes way back to when I kept them as pets during my middle and high school years. In fact I had a guinea pig when I was in college that lived for a while in the science department. No, no experiments were done on it, it just seemed the best place to have a guinea pig and the college let me do this. 

I have had litters born and raised baby guinea pigs, these were always born at night...I think this may be a guinea pig trait. The babies are adorable.

My children had pet guinea pigs as well. They are gentle animals, children should be watched when handling them as they are not an animal that will protect itself if being handled roughly. 

If you are considering getting a guinea pig, expect to clean the cage regularly as they do produce a lot of urine. You will want to set up the cage properly for this...but they are wonderful pets.

This is guinea pig adoption month, it may be a good month to see if there are any available at your shelter if they house small animals like this, or at a site like Petfinder in your location.

Public Domain Image Credit: Guinea Pig by Peter Griffin

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