Monday, July 13, 2015

Pomeranian Rescue Brings Happiness After Loss

It is almost two years since we said goodbye to Aspen, the inspiration for this blog. It took me until a few months ago to feel ready to look for a new furbaby to rescue.

During the past 9 months, things have been difficult. I have not been blogging much, but focusing what energy I have on my brother who passed away 2 weeks ago today. My brother, John, had been disabled due to an illness since he was 6 months old, and then he developed a brain tumor on top of this. Due to his disabilities, he was unable to talk, and we could not converse with him about his ailment. We made many difficult decisions for him, and through it all, as long as he was able, he smiled and loved us back as we lavished him with love knowing our days with him were numbered. I shared what I wrote for his funeral in a post that is no longer published on the web, so I share it here: 

Monday my precious brother left this life for his home in Heaven. His difficult journey is finally over.
We had his funeral on Wednesday, it was a simple but sweet graveside funeral as my Mom is 86 and frail and something long and drawn out would have been hard for her. There was singing, and each of us shared, and I'd like to share with you what I shared, written as a letter to my brother, who lived his whole life mentally and physically disabled, but almost always with a smile.
Precious brother,

I am so thankful for the good memories that we have had together that I will treasure until we meet again in Heaven.
I am thankful that my husband was able to be there to be part of these memories with us. He loved you so much.
I remember going to holiday events with you where you worked years ago.
I remember making picnic lunches and taking you out for your birthday a few times to enjoy the outdoors.
I remember taking you on camping weekends to a wonderful place in Pennsylvania, your laugh and what fun we had in the car going to and from.
I remember how God opened many doors so that you could live at a wonderful group home.... You were loved and appreciated for your happy personality, a light to all around you. It was so much fun to attend events with you there.
I remember your courage during these last 9 months of your life spent in the hospital and care center…your ready smile, coloring and doing things with you when you were able; and then holding your hand, massaging your shoulders, praying with you, and stroking your arms with my heart full of love when you were unable.
Now all of that is part of the past, and right now I picture you seeing Jesus, running and walking tall, talking clearly for the first time, and look forward to our first real conversation some day soon in Heaven.
Until then, dear brother, I love you, and will miss you so much.
“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Psalm 116:15

But back to the subject at May, after much searching, and little time to do so, I asked God if He could once again bring a dog our way, and He did just that. A neighbor's daughter knew the previous owner of the dog we have adopted, and she was destined to be abandoned at a park. 

I saw my neighbor and her daughter walking down the street with the dog as we were getting the car packed to leave on a short was love at first sight, so I told her if she still had the dog when we got home, I'd take her. I was sure that a home would be found quickly, and she would be gone when we got home, but she wasn't, and within a couple hours of getting home, we had ourselves a sweet but timid female Pomeranian.

My grown children were visiting for Mother's Day, and my son said I should name her Happy, because she looks like she is smiling, and makes me so I did.

Happy has come a long way and is not shy at all anymore with my husband and I, and is a very gentle and loving approximately 3 year old 11 lb. Pomeranian. I am in love with a fur-baby once again!

Updated 2/27/17

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