Friday, August 13, 2010

Yorkie Chases New Jersey Bears

Okay, now that I have your attention, yes, I did chase a bear this summer, and I'm alive to tell you about it.  The only problem is that we can't really PROVE it because my owners were in such a panic there was no way they were going to grab a camera to take pictures.

Here's how it happened.  One morning, bright and early, we went outside for my usual time of wandering around the yard, chasing a squirrel or cat, and taking care of other business dogs take care of first thing in the morning.  My owner's son heard a sound just around at the side of the house...and so did I.  He ran to go look...and so did I.  Up in the tree near where we usually have the bird feeder hanging (bears LOVE bird seed) there was a medium sized bear, and I ran for it, barking, which scared it down from the tree and then it ran up to the road and across...I ran right behind, very close, with my owner screaming and running after me yelling -  "ASPEN, STOP! STOP!".  I did stop at the end of the yard, and was feeling pretty proud of my accomplishment!  But since, I keep hearing the owners tell my story and say "all that bear had to do was turn around and take one swipe and Aspen would have been a goner".  And now, they are overly cautious when they take me out, which I don't like, but they say it will keep me alive.

There have been a LOT of bears on our property this year.  Here's one picture of a bear about the same size as the one that I chased, going in the same direction, so you get an idea of what happened...this one is moving slowly, though, it's hot, and her cubs were following along behind here, they are in other pictures at Daily Photos by Claudia (she tries to do them daily, but is a little behind:-)

Mom Walking Thru our Yard

Please read copyright information at Daily Photos by Claudia, this isn't the best picture because we enlarged it, but it's okay to use as long as it's not changed and credit is given to my owner.

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